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Inderdisciplinary Experience

I’ve worked in the law, in tech, and in the creative world. All these experiences inform the work I do bringing big change to underfunded and understaffed organizations.

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Communicator, Teacher, Storyteller

I write and speak for a huge range of audiences, from middle schoolers to experienced litigators, on a variety of subjects.

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I would love to talk to you about the challenges your ogranization is facing. Let’s see if there’s anything I can do to get you back to what is most important to your team: helping people.

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What "Making A Record" Means

In a courtroom, “making a record” is a slow process. Attorneys have to do a lot of small things to put the reality of someone’s (possibly unfamiliar) experience in a familiar form, piece by piece. Making a record is using data, anecdotes, science, whatever we can, to tell a true story that makes people care about someone or something they wouldn’t otherwise care about.

This process of making a record is at the core of how I do my work, whether it’s explaining to lawyers the importance of data entry in a case-management system, convincing a judge to bar the use of bad forensic evidence in a case, or helping stakeholders understand the human impact of the projects they’re working on.

My job is to help people translate their needs, their goals, their struggles into the right language for the people who need to understand it.

My Professional Bio

stephen goldmeier

Stephen Goldmeier is a public defender and analyst currently working as an independent consultant focused on indigent defense research and technology. He also works with clients through Just-Tech LLC on technology projects and case-management solutions for the civil legal services community. He is one of the leaders and co-conveners of the Indigent Defense Research Association and serves on the Coordinating Committee of the Capital District chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice. Stephen received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education, with minors in chemistry and physics, from Otterbein University, and graduated from DePaul University’s College of Law with a certificate in intellectual property law. He began his career as an Assistant Public Defender in the appeals and postconviction section of the Office of the Ohio Public Defender, where he litigated cases in every phase of a criminal proceeding, including successfully arguing two cases in the Ohio Supreme Court. He then worked in the policy and outreach department of that office, co-leading the design and deployment of a unified state-wide data-collection and case-management system. Then, he was the Organizational Systems Analyst at the Bronx Defenders, where he was project lead for a number of process-improvement and technology-deployment projects. Stephen has taught nationally about a wide variety of subjects, including legal writing, storytelling, systems design, data collection, and forensic science.