Awards, Associations, Interests

I owe most of my success to the various organizations and groups of smart and compassionate people I’ve associated with over the years. Learn more about them below, as well as a few of my interests outside of my work.


New York State Courts Permanent Commission on Access to Justice

  • Member, planning committee for weekly technology training programs.
  • Provided training for legal services providers in New York on various technology topics.

The Indigent Defense Research Association

  • Board Member and Executive Leadership.
  • Member, Accountability Committee and Bylaws Committee.
  • Presenter, multiple monthly conference calls.

National Lawyers Guild

  • Trained legal observer.
  • Served as a lead legal observer for multiple demonstrations.
  • Trainer, national appellate writing programs.

The Ohio State Bar Association

Columbus Metropolitan Library

  • Tutor, various subjects, Homework Help Center.
  • Mentored high school students and presented to them about my work.


  • Apples: The apples we eat are all the same species (malus domestica), but the variety within that species is huge. Every apple variety is the result of cross-breeding, and usually the parentage is well documented, which means that there’s a history behind every apple that can stretch back hundreds of years. This intersection of food, science, and history is really exciting to me. I’m always seeking out new apple varieties to try. Also when I lived in Ohio, I helped a local orchard with some web strategy in exchange for a regular supply of Empire apples.
  • Hiking: I’ve hiked countless state parks in Ohio and New York, as well as Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. I’m an enthusiastic (if beginner) birdwatcher, and I like paying attention to plants and rocks. I especially like quality geological interpretive signage.
  • Old and/or Strange Maps and Charts: One evening after work, I wandered over to the metropolitan library and spent hours looking at maps of Columbus, Ohio stretching back hundreds of years. I discovered some really interesting things, including how the parcel of land that now contains the Office of the Ohio Public Defender saved the state of Ohio from bankruptcy in its early years. Maps, and really all charts, have these kind of hidden stories behind them, but also they can elucidate a story that would otherwise be hard to tell. Maybe my favorite map of all time is this one of the wandering paths of the Mississippi River.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: I’ve been the game master for multiple story campaigns, many of which I wrote myself. I credit D&D with helping me become better at telling stories, improvising, and taking risks in social situations. (This also dovetails nicely with my interest in charts and maps.)