Below are some answers to some common questions that I get asked. You can always ask me anything by contacting me.

What do you even do? Like, what is the actual work you do?

That’s really hard to answer! I’ve tried answering it in a few different ways, both as a list of things I can help nonprofits and government agencies do and as a certainly-too-long narrative. If it still doesn’t make sense, that’s definitely my fault, but please do reach out and we can talk about it!

How did you end up doing what you do?

The short answer: by accident.

The longer answer: all my life, it’s been hard for me to pick just one thing that interests me. This plagued me for a really long time, to the point that I started my higher education with a scholarship in the chemistry department but ended it with a law degree with a focus on internet law. Oh and also no job.

When I left law school, I needed to find a place to volunteer until I could find a real lawyer job. I reached out to Bob Lane, a friend of my family and a lawyer. It turned out he was a life-long public defender, and the only lead he could offer was to send my resume to the volunteer coordinator at the Office of the Ohio Public Defender.

I started volunteering there within a few weeks, and then I worked there for eight years. I figured out who I was through doing that work, and now I’m really stuck into it. The exact nature of what I do changes from job to job, but the core is always helping citizens when their government turns against them.

Why does this website look so weird?

It’s because I tried to build it by hand from a bunch of open-source pieces. I host it on Netlify, and I build it using GitLab. The structure is Jekyll. I’m not an expert at any of this stuff. I’ve been teaching myself. So, I’m only using the basic features of all of these things. There are two real advantages to this approach:

  1. I learn a bunch about all sorts of technologies (for instance, doing this, I learned a bunch about DNS, Ruby, Linux, Nginx, Git, and more).
  2. I use almost entirely open-source technologies, so nothing I’ve done relies on other companies to hold it together.

Why are there so few questions here?

Because I just started all of this.