What I Can Do For You

If you are a nonprofit or government agency providing legal services (or really any services) to marginalized or indigent populations, I want to help you!

Who I’ve Worked with

  • Public defender offices of all sizes, large or small, with a wide variety of funding and compliance structures.
  • Civil legal service providers, primarily connected to holistic criminal representation.
  • National organizations working to improve criminal and juvenile justice, mostly as a trainer.

What Roles I’ve Had

  • Project manager, for case-management-system development and improvement, among other things.
  • Business analyst / systems analyst, for both tech and non-tech projects.
  • Consultant, on things like organizational structure, tech strategy, etc.
  • Lawyer, in a wide variety of postconviction and appellate criminal-defense cases.
  • Executive Leadership at the Indigent Defense Research Association.
  • Writer / researcher, primarily in technology policy.

What I Deliver

  • Deployments of new technology, specifically case-management systems.
  • Charts and documentation for data-migration plans to communicate needs to technical workers.
  • Project plans for deployment of a new technology, including recommended stakeholders, required steps, time estimates, training plans, etc.
  • Requirements documentation / collected user stories / scopes of work.
  • Written data-collection plans, including standardized paper or electronic forms for users.
  • Content outlines and project plans for knowledge-management tools, including intranet, brief banks, etc.
  • Assessments of technology and process needs, and written plans to meet those needs.
  • General assessment, analysis, and documentation (e.g. auditing activity types in a case-management system, documenting complex processes with flowcharts, etc.).

What Technologies I’ve Worked With

  • Relational databases, primarily in their structure, plus some basic querying.
  • Microsoft Excel, for data analysis and dashboards.
  • Tableau.
  • Project-management technologies (Trello, Redmine, etc.)
  • Google Suite and Microsoft Office 365, writing training materials, devising best practices, assisting with deployments, etc.
  • Eager and able to learn new technologies and work with experts in new technologies.

General Things I Consult On

  • I can observe, analyze, and document how you deliver your services to people who need them.
  • I can help you improve the ways you deliver those services in a wide variety of ways, both technical (e.g. new case-management software or new processes for using that software) and non-technical (e.g. suggestions for changes to intake forms or admin staff protocols).
  • I can lead your case-management-system project, whether it’s working with outside developers to design your own system, implementing an already-designed system, or improving your existing system.
  • I can help you figure out what your existing data is telling you, and I can help you think through what new data you can collect, either through your own work or from other data sources.
  • I can help you plan big process or technology changes, and I can help you message those changes to staff and stakeholders.
  • I can help you think through your responsibility to the populations you work with, not only regarding accountability for how you do your work, but also regarding data privacy and security.
  • I can help you connect with researchers and experts nation-wide as you consider new processes and technology. (e.g. the Indigent Defense Research Association)
  • I can provide training on how to do some of this work internally. (an example)
  • I can share my experience and expertise on a panel, in a training program, or in writing for publication. (more info)

More Details

For a lot more detail, see either my resume or the My Work page.