My Work

My resume is a good summary of the work I’ve done. But if that isn’t enough, there’s a lot more detail here.


I worked at the Office of the Ohio Public Defender for over six years, directly serving Ohioans in need when their own government turned against them. As part of the OPD team, I litigated criminal appeals on a huge variety of issues in both state and federal court.

Steate v. Hand

In State v. Hand, I successfully argued that juvenile adjudications cannot be used to enhance a person’s punishment for any later adult charges. You can read the filings in the case or watch the argument video to learn more. (I also won the Best Brief 2015 award from the Ohio State Bar Association for the brief in this case.)

State v. Thompson

I also led our agency’s working group on jail-time credit, an issue that combines technical statutory interpretation, constitutional law, and math in precisely a fashion that makes it terribly uninteresting but also terribly important. I successfully litigated a case in the Ohio Supreme Court on appellate rights for jail-time credit calculations, and if you’re inclined to do so, you can watch that argument as well.


Consulting and Project Management

Designing Case-Mangement Software

In my role as a public information attorney at the Office of the Ohio Public Defender, I was the business processes, user experience, and data validation lead for the development of a state-wide data-collection and case-management system. It’s still being developed and deployed, but you can read a little bit about it here.

Consulting with Public Defender Offices

Deploying OPD Online around Ohio gave me an opportunity to consult with over a dozen county public defender offices on how to better help indigent Ohioans.

  • I audited existing case-management systems and their data to prepare for data migration.
  • I analyzed intake processes and suggested changes to make them smoother and more efficient.
  • I worked with leadership to analyze case data and present to funders to argue for budget increases and upgraded technology.

Managing Website & Social Media Strategy

I was also the project manager for the redesign of our agency’s website, working with lawyers and staff throughout the agency to entirely overhaul our agency’s web presence to provide better information to our clients, to their families, and to poor people all over the state who interact with the criminal justice system. I also helped lead the social media working group; as a result of those efforts, you can now find our agency on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Systems Analysis

In my current role as an organiational systems analyst at the Bronx Defenders, I hope to keep up a lot of that same work, bringing process and technological improvements to an organization making a real impact in the lives of marginalized people in New York.


Teaching and Presenting

I teach continuing legal education courses in appellate writing, storytelling, and litigating junk forensic science.

Some of the things I’ve taught:

  • Appellate Defender Training, National Legal Aid & Defender Association: Coached lawyers on writing and storytelling at national training programs. Also presented plenary sessions on integrating case facts and legal research for effective and persuasive appellate writing.
  • A Digital Investigation from Beginning To End: Co-presented with a certified digital investigator, describing both technical and legal aspects of a computer forensic investigation.
  • Bringing the Scientific Method Into the Courtroom: An introduction to the scientific method aimed at lawyers, including strtegies for exposing junk forensic science and using science to tell our clients’ stories.
  • Issue Spotlight: Jail-Time Credit: A brief overview of how to calculate the confinement credit our clients deserve, and how to make sure the court gets it right.


Writing, Blogging, Podcasting

When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher wrote a note home to my parents saying I was a great writer but that I’d get more done if I didn’t spend so much time on the internet. Things maybe haven’t changed much since then.